Since we live in a world that’s connected, structured wiring will set up your home or business with internet, telephone, audio and video connections. The placement of intercoms, speakers, televisions, home automation touchpads and computers has to be carefully considered since these devices require a variety of connections. We will work with you to ensure that your structured wiring allows you to enjoy control, communication, relaxations and comfort in your home or office.

Entire Home Solutions

The CDA Group structured wiring systems will provide you with seamless and integrated control of security as well ad satellite TV, video and audio, internet and telephone, and lighting and HVAC. Our wiring technicians will bundle cables and distribute them throughout the house and link them to a central panel for easy control. The structured panel will allow you to connect your desired service to any room in the home or office,

Networking Applications

While choosing the perfect personal computer can be a daunting task, building a Local Area Network can be even more intimidating and quite complicated if you aren’t knowledgeable in the area. We can help with your networking and computer needs. We have implemented simple solutions such as home computers with wireless networking. We can also implement complex business applications as well as installing servers and domain controllers.

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